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The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) seeks to create awareness that national prosperity is dependent on our success in housing our communities and building and rebuilding cities for future generations. It is the peak body representing the property development industry throughout Australia. Its members cover a wide range of specialist and industry fields, including: Developers, Valuers, Planners, Engineers, Architects, Marketers, Researchers, Project Managers, Surveyors, Landscape Architects, Community Consultants, Environmental Consultants, Lawyers, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Financial Institutions, State and Local Government Authorities, and Product Suppliers.

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Aligning our Agendas

UDIA's National Policy Priorities 2019 - Building a Better Australia - championed a suite of policy recommendations that aimed to foster better cities, a stronger economy and more housing.


We welcome the fact that a series of initiatives have already been embraced or actioned by the Commonwealth Government.

These include:


Easing the loan servicing requirements established by APRA in recognition of the evolving housing cycle, and barriers to entry for homebuyers.


Appointment of a Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure to the Inner Cabinet to provide leadership and coordination across policy making.


A commitment to a new Centre for Population to drive new analysis and insights on the challenges and consequences of population growth and settlement patterns.


Reviving the focus on housing supply, demand and affordability through comprehensive and detailed research.


Helping homebuyers to close the deposit gap via the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme.

They represent a sound baseline to be fortified through good design and 
implementation - and reinforced by other ideas that create a cumulative benefit.

An economic perspective

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National Policy Priorities For The New Government - Building a better Australia

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Building a better Australia